Alleppey Hotels and Scintillating Backwaters to Explore


Alleppey is the major tourist destination which is very worth to visit and explore in Kerala. The diverse geography and the overwhelming greenery easily attract the vacationers from every length and breadth of the country. The beauty of this town is enhanced by the beauty of canals, blue lagoons, backwaters and fascinating beach. This beautiful tourist destination is called as ‘Venice of East’ as it was so said by Lord Curzon due to its enormous network of canals throughout the heart of city. This beautiful scenic town is also lovingly called as land of water, birds and human civilization.

This beautiful town is picturesque located very far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. This beautiful city is dotted with numerous natural wonders which easily attract the vacationers from all over the globe. The major tourist attractions and destinations which easily attract all the sorts of vacationers from all over the globe are such as backwaters, houseboats, ancient temples, churches wide varieties of flora and fauna easily attract the vacationers for their delightful vacation.

The major tourist attractions in this beautiful town are Alleppey backwater(click here) which easily lures the vacationers from all over the globe. The scintillating backwater in this town is beautifully endowed with the picturesque green vegetations, swaying palm trees, vast expanse of white paddy fields and the ancient temples and churches easily will attract the vacationers from all over the globe for your wonderful vacation. The cruise on the houseboat over the Alleppey backwater offer you dream come true experience, these really will change your dream into reality.   

These beautiful attractions and destinations are astoundingly very well substituted by the excellent cheap, standard and deluxe hotels in Alleppey(click here) offer the vacationer’s wonderful vacation. This sleepy town is dotted with numerous hotels and resorts which will offer the vacationers wonderful stay. The hotels in Alleppey are very well organized and which offer you superb class of modern facilities and convenience which truly tempts them to visit this scenic town again and again.

Alleppey hotels are speckled allover the town and is very trouble-free for the vacationers to book any and all are very accessible too. There many wide range of hotels and resorts which offer all the sorts of vacationers to choose their type of hotels according to their budget. Well apart from the hotels, resorts, houseboats, backwater there are numerous tourist attractions and destinations which easily will leave the vacationers spell bound on your visit.

This beautiful town is blessed by soothing climatic conditions and is easily accessible from all the prominent cities of south India. The nearest airport is Cochin which 80 km and the adjacent railway station is Alleppey station. Alleppey road map(click here) will be very helpful as visiting this town as it will offer you all the major attractions and the convenient roads to visit from the place you are standing. Some of the major tourist attractions to visit and enjoy in Alleppey are such as Alappuzha beach, Sea View Park, Paathira-Manal Island, Arthunkal, Krishnapuram Palace, Buddha Idol etc.     
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Post Title : Alleppey Hotels and Scintillating Backwaters to Explore

Alleppey Hotels and Scintillating Backwaters to Explore,

Alleppey Hotels and Scintillating Backwaters to Explore


  1. Alleppey in Kerala also called Alapuzha is famous for backwaters, so the attraction of the beach is sometimes overshadowed by the backwaters. There are beautiful beach resorts in Alappuzha. They are situated at the sides of the sea beaches to attract the tourists to the place.


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