Singapore – Hallmarks of An Affluent And Modern City

Singapore is a city–state in South East Asia. It is one of the more prosperous countries of the world. Boasting of largest number of millionaires of the world, Singapore invites you to taste its opulent life style. It has all the hallmarks of an affluent and modern city. Towering skyscrapers and efficient public transport system combining with architectural beauties, entertainment centers, mixture of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences, tropical climate, delicious cuisine, fantastic shopping opportunities and vibrant night life makes it an ideal stopover or springboard to south east Asia.
Singapore calls itself gateway to south East Asia. Trip to Singapore can be a precursor for visit to various places in the region. South east Asia offers you an assortment of lush tropical rainforests, colorful open air markets, mystifying ancient cities and white sandy beaches. With a total of twenty eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, no two countries of South East Asia offer similar experience. There are cruises from Singapore operating to sites throughout south east Asia. The common destinations are Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Redang and Tioman in Malaysia, Phuket, Krabi, Ko Samui and Bangkok in Thailand. There are also cruises to Cambodia and Vietnam.
Singapore is situated off the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. It is an island country made up of sixty three islands. You will find in the Singapore trip that it is highly urbanized. There is more a tendency towards building high risers as there is scarcity of land and for the same reason private vehicles are not encouraged. An efficient public transport system makes up for it. With skyscrapers, monuments of architectural elegance also co-exist. Although highly urbanized and densely populated, half the country is covered by greenery. Actually the area of primary rainforest has substantially reduced because of urbanization. Only Bukit Timah Nature Reserve holds significant remaining rainforest. But there are more than three hundred parks and four nature reserves in Singapore. Many trees are also planted throughout Singapore. This gives it the name ‘Garden City’.
Singapore tour packages give you opportunity for hi-fi entertainment. The latest addition to the repertoire of Singapore Marina Bay Sands Hotel offers luxury accommodation, shopping, dining, world class entertainment, and convention and exhibition facilities.
Millions savor the taste of Singapore tours every year. Singapore government is devising programmes to multiply the number of tourists. Keeping this in mind, government has legalized gambling. Two new casino resorts known as “Integrated Resorts” are established in Sentosa Island and Marina Bay. Singapore also promotes itself as a medical tourism hub. The highly modernized and efficient health care system of Singapore boosts this branding. A large number of foreigners seek medical care in Singapore for now and the government has devised projects to multiply the number.
Singapore packages take you to a country of diverse culture and religion. Majority of population adhere to Buddhism. Christianity, Islam, Taoism and Hinduism are the other religions. Monasteries and Dharma centers from all three major traditions of Buddhism – Thervada, Mahayana and Vajrayana, embellish Singapore. Singapore is also a multiracial society. There are many communities each accompanied by a rich heritage that dates far back. You can truly experience the diverse ethnology of Singapore by visiting different ethnic quarters. Some ethnic quarters to start with are Chinatown, Kampong Glam, Little India, Joo Chiat and Katong. 

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Post Title : Singapore – Hallmarks of An Affluent And Modern City

Singapore – Hallmarks of An Affluent And Modern City,

Singapore – Hallmarks of An Affluent And Modern City

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