TTB urges promotion of tourism in Dar as tourism hub

The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has recommended to the Planning Commission to set up a convention and exhibition centre in Dar es Salaam as a way of opening up other tourism attractions.

The TTB managing director, Dr Aloyce Nzuki, says Tanzania needed a convention and tourism exhibition centre right in the Dar es Salaam City centre as one way of diversifying its tourism potential. “With a convention and tourism exhibition centre in place, the future of tourism looks promising,” said Dr Nzuki in an interview with The Citizen on

The TTB chief executive officer was explaining strategies that his board was implementing in promoting the country’s tourism industry following reports that The New York Times has selected Tanzania among leading places to go in 2012.

Tanzania emerged number one in Africa followed only by Morocco and Uganda, while the US-based newspaper picked 44 other places outside Africa as suitable tourism destinations for 2012. Last year, 782,699 tourists visited Tanzania earning the country $1.25billion.

Reacting to The New York Times, Dr Nzuki said: “Tanzania is a peaceful country where at the end of the day visitors want to go home in planes and not in wooden boxes.”

Dr Nzuki said Tanzania has all the ingredients for setting up a convention that could accommodate between 5,000 and 8,000 delegates who after conferences would visit tourist attractions.

Dr Nzuki said the Kenyan government has already approved plans for the construction of a convention centre project in its seaport city of Mombasa. He said TTB as a public organisation was in collaboration with the Tanzania Confederation of Tourism (TCT) as a private sector, reviewing its Tanzania tourism destination strategy with a view to rolling out a new destination strategy in March, this year.

Post Title : TTB urges promotion of tourism in Dar as tourism hub

TTB urges promotion of tourism in Dar as tourism hub,


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