What does "Emerging Markets" Mean?

The title and topic of this blog is "Growth Markets in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality." 

As such, this blog covers the many and diverse growth markets that exist within the travel industry - including the lifestyle markets, geographic markets and ethnic markets.

Regarding terminology, what does "emerging markets" mean?  In businesses and across many industries (tourism and elsewhere), the phrase is often in reference to geographic markets that are currently experiencing rapid social and/or business growth as a developing economy. 

Among the largest "emerging markets" for many businesses and industries today are the developing economies of China, India, Russia and Brazil (sometimes referred to via the acronym "BRIC").

The terminology of "emerging markets" has been adopted and utilized within the travel, tourism and hospitality industry as well.  It's common to see job titles that include the phrase "emerging markets", and it's common to see tradeshows and conventions featuring business and educational seminars on the topic. Furthermore, it's common to see the travel media reporting on or writing news stories about the emerging markets.

If you're in the travel industry and interested in learning more about "growth markets in travel, tourism and hospitality"......then get to know and become very familiar with the phrase, topic and understanding of "emerging markets."

To learn more about the concept and definition of "emerging markets" visit:
+ Wikipedia - Emerging Markets
+ http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/defining-emerging-markets.html
+ Business Dictionary.com
+ Financial Dictionary/Free Dictionary

Post Title : What does "Emerging Markets" Mean?

What does "Emerging Markets" Mean?,


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