Hilton Hotels Debuts Family Travel Website (a.k.a. Hilton Mom Voyage)

I often blog about family travel being one of the biggest and fastest growing new segments of travel. We see this everywhere from tour operators and travel agents debuting new family travel programs to destinations such as tourist offices and CVBs adding content to their websites to attract family vacation travelers.

And now Hilton Hotels enters the picture with a brand new family travel website titled Hilton Mom Voyage, which features 15 moms sharing their own Hilton vacation experiences.

To read more about this story and endeavor, click on this ABC News story:

The following statement from the above article sums up the new website best.....

"Our research shows that moms play an integral role in the family vacation planning process. Creating a forum for moms and dads to share family travel insights and experiences directly with our future guests will help travelers navigate our resort and leisure portfolio to find the properties that best meet the experiences they want to share during the valuable time families spend together," said Bonnie Campagnuolo, senior director of global brand marketing at Hilton Hotels and Resorts.

Post Title : Hilton Hotels Debuts Family Travel Website (a.k.a. Hilton Mom Voyage)

Hilton Hotels Debuts Family Travel Website (a.k.a. Hilton Mom Voyage),


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